A Ray of Hope — The Tale of Every Woman

Women working
Someone once rightly said, “Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.” Today as I look back, I see a close-knit group of women who have been the reason I reached so far and have still more to go. These ladies, who have not once failed to encourage and inspire me, are not big names on the silver screen, nor are they famous personalities in their respective fields. It starts right from home where my grannies, mother, aunts, and sisters have all been the core strength of my family and the society we live in. Not to forget, my equally uplifting girlfriends who are my pillars and my happy pills, supporting me in all the stupid decisions I made and still make. A big shout out to all these iron ladies in my life who place confidence in me and to the everyday ordinary women living extra-ordinary lives for making this world a better place to live in.
Woman with logs
Women – they come in all shapes, colors, sizes, characters — have time and again proven their bravery, intelligence, excellence apart from running the house and carrying lives, who fill the shoes of their fathers’ legacy, in their wombs. In spite of all these, a woman has always been considered meek, timid, shy, subtle, and fragile since the very start of civilization. A reflection of what the society wants to portray her as; let it not fool you! That fragile frame you see is clothed in dignity and will so strong that even Kratos himself may be unable to break her spirit. The very fact that I have for myself not once in these 27 years encountered a “weak woman,” – label them if you must – has ever since, been a source of inspiration, a foundation of strength!
Self-employed man and woman
Correspondingly, all men are not domineering male chauvinists. I have come across men who believe in equality, whose ego is not easily bruised by the success of their female counterparts, and who are the real strength behind these fearless, unstoppable mortals. The kind who says, “Go for it,” the kind who pushes you further up. These men are self-sufficient, secure, and confident in themselves and their respective women. And the joy of sharing the world with such men is twofold. These are the kind of men who make life easier for us, the kind we, as women and humans, appreciate.
Woman vendor
Not just today, but every single day, I’m grateful to all the strong beautiful women who have shown us how to seize power, since we aren’t given any, and to all those men who aren’t threatened by our achievements and have faith in the strength of a woman!
Happy Women’s Day!
(All Photographs © Fiddle F00t)

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