The Ultimate Camping Destination

When you plan the whole traveling thing, you must have often spent hours at a stretch, surfing the Internet to find the best yet affordable #hotels; so have I. Can you believe that sometimes that hours-at-a-stretch can turn into a day or two? So I started the scroll, pages after pages! And look what I found – a perfect outdoor accommodation where you can gaze up at the night sky and count the stars literally. With the progress of human habitats and #lifestyle, we have lost touch with nature. However, picking Aventura over fancier luxurious rooms gave me a moment to live straight out of those fascinating bedtime tales.
sunrise in Tiger Hill
Said that, all that glitters may not be gold! As I was travelling alone and had no prior camping experiences, I was a little anxious about my security. But I also knew that it was next to impossible to make my hard head go 180 degrees. So I reached the hilltop, which is approximately 4 kms from Ooty bus stand, while trying to bury those second thoughts that kept creeping back at intervals. The lush green property was under 24/7 cc tv cam surveillance – a sigh of relief! Also, the manager assured me to be there, along with his staff, on the property even post-midnight so as to keep an eye. His assurance made me feel safe and at home.
Apart from the starry night, the #campsite offered a breathtaking view of the neighboring hills, along with the golden first light and sundown. The property is also home to several bird species – you can find bird feeders at certain corners! They even have a mini book section – I wouldn’t call it a library though – for all the bookworms! You can take your favorite book to any of the seating arrangements and be lost in the characters while sipping your choice of beverage. If you don’t fancy books, you could try rifle shooting or archery. In fact, the trial sessions in archery made me take the game up as my new found interest. Besides these, you can indulge in board games and karaoke as well.
The #nightlife is equally happening! A bonfire is flamed up right at the center, where guests from far and wide jam up and bond. However, this is totally optional. For a more-is-less kind of a person like me, they can even set up other activities such as fishing, horse riding, trekking to name a few. Sounds good? It’s even better. So pack up and head to this all-in-one stay; trust me, you won’t regret.

Book, beverage, and scenic beauty
[PS: Thanks to the staff who were extremely considerate while hosting me. It was an amazing                                                                                          stay!]                                                                                                                                                            Until Next Time!                                                                        XOXO, Swechha
All Photographs © Fiddle F00t

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