From the Journal of a Solo Traveler

coffee plantation
I’m one restless soul (pun intended) – thanks to my genes! I need to get out of my cocoon time and again to revamp my engine. Although I love the company of a few like-minded people, I can’t always expect their presence in this fast-paced world. Thus started my solo tours! I was a little skeptical at first, considering the hardships I might face. But my love for adventure as well as intense desire to see the unseen overshadowed my fear and doubts. As I backpacked for my 3rd solo tour, I was glad I made the choice. Eight states, including union territories, and three countries (and counting) later and reaching out to complete strangers to capture my moments, I’m penning down some beneficial things to keep in mind while you’re doing the rounds on your own.
Thimphu city view
1) Do the research: Before you plunge into an unknown territory, it is always recommended to do a thorough research of all the tiny details. Make use of the Internet, read through articles concerning the place in picture, or even better, talk to any known person, just so you can squeeze out and sieve the information. I personally favor the latter as nothing can be compared to a hands-on experience.
Shooting point, Ooty
2) Local language: While it may be quite not possible to learn a language in a short span and to learn every local language of every place you visit, memorizing a few common often-used words has brought no harm to anyone. This will help build a good rapport with the locals. The locals are the best source to approach if you are looking for a customized tour of the area. It may also bring down your expense, while honing your bargaining skills – you may save those extra dimes for some more shopping later! 😉
3) Follow the weather forecast: You have plenty of amazement to please thee eyes on your vacay. You wouldn’t want to lock yourself indoors due to extreme weather conditions. So it is only advisable to take note of the weather forecast early on so it won’t ruin your holiday. Carry your essentials accordingly.
Boat house, Ooty
4) Maintain vigilance at all times: A peaceful environment drifts our thoughts away to happy times, and often we lose the count of time. But remember, you’re all by yourself, so staying alert is the key here. While you may wonder, how can one be constantly under the pressure of being vigilant and celebrate the moment at the same time! Well my love, roses always come with thorns. But then, of course, you will learn how to train your mind to acknowledge danger. And when will your multi-tasking ability come handy?
5) Balance your interactions: Humans come in all kinds of packages. You may be an introvert or a babbler — both won’t be of much help! You will have to strike the right balance somewhere in between. Personally, I felt that my introvert self wouldn’t let me explore to the fullest. And my chirpy avatar didn’t do much good either. Rather, it nearly landed me in trouble! Sadly, we’re still in the age where girls are confined to four walls, and opinionated women … well, they are considered a threat to mankind.
6) Create priceless memories: Now this is a tricky situation, especially for a photo enthusiast like me. I would want to capture every single miracle I see, but sometimes, by the time I set the frame, it would be too late. Here’s when I realized not everything you onlook is meant to be captured on your full frame. Moreover, no lens in the universe can come up to par or exceed your vision. So click photographs all you can, but also place your gadget aside and bask in the glory of what you see. Trust me, it’s priceless!
Tiger's Nest, Paro
7) Buy yourself a memento: And last but definitely not the least, buy a memento of your visit. An old-school at heart, I love to have the memories alive for as long as I live. What better way than to get yourself a keepsake! I always get one from every place that I rest my feet on. The feeling is unmatched. You should try it too! 😀
So, these are the common keep-in-mind information to note down from my personal solo travel journal. I hope they will be of some use to you. If you have any more additions, feel free to jot                                     them in the comments section. Stay safe! Happy solo travelling!                                                                                                            Until next time,                                                                            XOXO, Swechha

All Photographs © Fiddle F00t


4 thoughts on “From the Journal of a Solo Traveler”

  1. Very helpful advice dear friend. May your confident wings takes u to every corner of the world. It’s really tough to travel solo. But ya roses always comes with thrones. Best wishes! keep traveling.

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