Ever since I stood on my feet (literally), I’ve been travelling, holding the pinky of my father. Hunched with job responsibility and worldly affairs, it’s tough to put aside the time or resource to travel. So, I kind of almost gave up my passion. My feet were intact, but my soul never rest. It yearned to explore, and it yearned much more! I would be in the middle of serious work-related discussions, and suddenly I found myself among a sea of clouds or in between tides. The more I tried to lock in those wandering thoughts, the more they surfaced. So I decided I would set aside some time to oil my fiddle feet and gallop away to glory.

Clicking on this website itself shows that you love travelling as much as I do. So are you a luxurious traveler, or do you like the off-beat more? I’m more of the latter. While it’s easy to get information about luxury travel, not much do we find stories about off-beat travelling – the reason why I started Fiddlef00t. I love to backpack, get on that public transport, and interact with the locals. There’s no better way to know a place or its people than by actually hitting the road. My blogs read details of my travel journey, including food and lifestyle. Email me for any queries, and I’ll be happy to help.

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